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Re: [Xen-users] Video output/graphics in virtualized OSs

How do the virtualized operating systems in XEN output video? I presume
at this point, it isn't completely transparent - where they are writing
to what they consider to be video memory and the display of that virtual
buffer is somehow managed by Dom0. If that's the case, then how at this
point is it handled? Specialized X Servers?

Well, the answer is: It depends.

For example, dom0 (yes, thats a virtualized OS, too) simply accesses your VGA. domUs are textmode only as far as xen is concerned, they only got a virtual terminal device. But since you have networking between them, you can use the standard unix stuff to get graphical apps working in domU, like X11, VNC, NX, ...

Now if you were asking about unmodified guests running with help of the next generation AMD/Intel CPUs, I think they'll have a emulated SVGA card.

That's about all I was going to say ;-)

I should also mention that it's theoretically possible to give a domU access to a PCI video card and devote another physical monitor to the domain. Various people have fooled around with this; I'm not sure if it works *yet* because there are lots of fiddly things in the console / X.org subsystems that need to be right. Hopefully this will be fully functional some time soon.


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