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Re: [Xen-users] nfs mountpoints

Why not just export your LVM-ified COW volume over NFS?

Alternatively: * Russ Ross worked on a COW NFS server: http://www.russross.com/CoWNFS.html * You could export the CoW volume directly from the server using enbd. You could import this at the destination dom0 and export it to the guest as a VBD - the guest wouldn't know about the network, or the COW. The block-enbd scripts in the unstable tree automate the network device binding and exporting to the guest: they should "just work" without manual setup (including during migrate).


On Nov 15 2005, Stephan Seitz wrote:

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hi there!

i'm currently building a clustered environment of dom0 for domU's
possible to migrate
between them.
by now, the domU's rootfs is mounted via nfs from one single nfsd w/
reiser4 in the net.
this works nice, but a COW-fs would do it better :) . i found very
rare infos about this
parallax fs integration in xen, but this seems to be under heavy
development and not
going to get productive right now?
another solution with COW support, that works LOCALLY was a lvm setup
(well only one
vg over one pv) with the rootfs as real lv. the VM's rootfs has been
done via "lvmcreate -s"
as snapshot. Well, as said, this did it LOCALLY and -except of some
unremovable snapshots-
worked also very well.
I'm searching for a solution with networktransparent COW support. I've
only found the gfs
via gndb / ccs from the RedHat Clustersite. This looks interresting,
but i think this thingy
will lead me to some headaches :)
Does someone here do know a netwide mountable COW fs? Or, maybe some
better idea of
solving/performing this issue?

Thanks in advance

Stephan Seitz

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