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Re: [Xen-users] nfs mountpoints

> Does someone here do know a netwide mountable COW fs? Or, maybe some
> better idea of
> solving/performing this issue?

If i understand corectly the writeable part of the COW fs should be accesible from the network too (to make it easily available after migration). If so there is prety litle point in using unionfs or similar solutions as other sugested, it would be simpler (imo) to export the LVM snapshot from wherever it's hosted via NBD or even plain NFS.

Also GFS is not that much of a headache, i have used it myself (not inside xen tho) some time ago and after the initial i'm-trying-to-use-something-new-without-reading-docs mess it worked prety simply and without too much problems :)

Best regards, Black Dew.
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