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[Xen-users] Dead loop on virtual device

Debian Sarge
Xen 2.0.7 / Linux
bridged networking

I started receiving these:

Nov 17 16:03:41 host kernel: Dead loop on virtual device xen-br0, fix it urgently!

Currently, I am running LVS on dom0. It is serving packets to a domU on the same physical machine and to a domU on a different machine. The messages started happening when we started hosting files for download and began pushing 10 - 15 mbits per domU. The messages are only happening on the machine running LVS with the real IP. When I failover to the other Xen server and LVS starts up and the IP moves over, the messages begin happening there and stop happening on the other machine. The IP brought up by heartbeat is on the same subnet as the IP for the Xen server.

Some things I'm wondering: Is this related to the IP being brought up by heartbeat? Is this related to the triangle routing being done by LVS? And, most importantly, what exactly does this message mean? :)

Thanks for your insight!
.:. jeremy

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