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Re: [Xen-users] Re: correct procedure for reporting kernel problems?

Ian P. Christian wrote:
On Saturday 19 November 2005 19:53, Charles Duffy wrote:
One request -- please specify a changeset number instead of just saying
"the latest unstable". I've seen an issue much like you're reporting,
but it was fixed for me some time ago. Knowing exactly how current the
"latest unstable" you're using is is useful in such cases.

appologies, I'm not at all familiar with the versioning control program, how do I tell? 'hg status' seemed like the most likely command in the man page, but that does't show me anyhting of help.
"hg identify" will show precisely the changeset you're using (though by its hash value rather than by number). The output of "hg log" will start with the most recent known changeset, and by searching for the hash from "hg identify" in the "hg log" output you can determine exactly what you're running. So long as you did an update after your pull, you should generally be on the first changeset in the "hg log" output.

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