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RE: [Xen-users] Re: correct procedure for reporting kernel problems?

> > appologies, I'm not at all familiar with the versioning control 
> > program, how do I tell?  'hg status' seemed like the most likely 
> > command in the man page, but that does't show me anyhting of help.
> >   
> "hg identify" will show precisely the changeset you're using 
> (though by its hash value rather than by number). The output 
> of "hg log" will start with the most recent known changeset, 
> and by searching for the hash from "hg identify" in the "hg 
> log" output you can determine exactly what you're running. So 
> long as you did an update after your pull, you should 
> generally be on the first changeset in the "hg log" output.

'xm info' will give us the information too.


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