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Re: [Xen-users] can i start xp in fedora with xen?

On Monday 21 November 2005 11:22, Ernst Bachmann wrote:
> Start off by aquiring the Windows XP source code from Microsoft.
> There are several (legal) ways to do this, most include ridiculous large
> sums of money or political pressure from your government.
> If you happen to work at an university doing research MS is interested in,
> you might also have luck and they already have the source.
> Then start patching the source + recompile XP. Good luck.
> It might be faster and cheaper to just wait for the next generation of
> Intel/AMD CPUs with hardware virtualization support, with those you won't
> need a modified Guest OS.

Rather then a wonderfully sarcastic answer... should more infomration about 
Xen/Windows not be added to the FAQ? Then we can tell users to RTFM or 
wahtever.. but attacking users on the list when it's not clearly documented 
is a little silly.  Perhaps it is in the FAQ, I don't think it was last time 
I looked.

Ian P. Christian ~ http://pookey.co.uk

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