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Re: [Xen-users] Pacifica/VT again

Are you meaning a x86 XenU on a x86_64 host system?

An _unmodified_ x86 domU on an x86_64 host.

64 bit Xen doesn't support the 32-bit Xen interface, so explicitly Xen-native 32-bit guests can't run on it even though fully-virtualised unmodified guests can. i.e.:

32-bit host: 32-bit Xen-native guests 32-bit host w/VT or w/Pacifica: 32-bit Xen-native guests, 32-bit unmodified guests 64-bit host: 64-bit Xen-native guests 64-bit host w/VT or w/Pacifica: 64-bit Xen-native guests, 64 or 32 bit unmodified guests



Matthijs ter Woord

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Subject: Re: [Xen-users] Pacifica/VT again

Matthijs ter Woord wrote:

> Hi,
> > Some time ago i asked a question about the Pacifica/VT features. I've > been thinking about it some more now. > > What i would want is to run the host system using a x86_64 (ie. AMD64) > platform and then run native 32-bit platforms as guests (windows). > AFAIK this should be possible as AMD64 is just an extension to the x86 > features of a CPU. > > Does anyone has comments about this?

This already works with the Xen's VT support I believe.


Anthony LIguori

> > Regards, > > Matthijs ter Woord > > >
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