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[Xen-users] Xen on Dell GX280

Dear All

I already read lots of issues related to DELL machines,
unfortunately for me I do have a dell machine and it's the only one I can 
use :)

it's about a DELL GX280

I have 8 of them.

I've tried different combinations of distributions of both Linux and xen.
the most successfull is fedora 4 with kernel-xen (3 I believe) rpm 
( 2.6.12-1.1454_FC4xen )

I can boot dom0 and use up to three fedora-based domUs

the only problem is that I need domU running on kernel 2.4
and I couldn't find any kernel FC4xen 2.4.whatever.

what I'm trying to do now is to have xen running of a debian distribution.
and compile the sources of a Xen2.0.7
(I followed the quite interesting tutorial "The Perfect Xen Setup For Debian 
And Ubuntu" )

I successfully installed debian, compiled xen and had both dom0 and four domU 
(based on Scientific-linux3.0.4) running.

then I tried to do the very same thing for another, identical DELL machine, 
and then I got stuck. Apparently none of the other seven identical DELL 
machine are working with debian + xen.

I can have debian kernel 2.6.8 running, I compile Xen2.0.7 with both kernel 
2.4.30 and 2.6.11. I can boot both dom0 kernels,

but none of them let me boot any domU image (I've tried scientific-linux, 
debian, fedora 2 3 4). When I "xm create -c <config_file>" system freeze 
completely (I need manually reboot).

then I turned off all usb supports (from bios, with nousb and with 
ignorebiostables). I even recompiled the Xen kernel 2.6.11 removing USB 
support. Nothing changed.
dom0 boot and "xm list" shows me the dom0 running, but no way of booting any 

since I've got it running on a very similar node (identical hw except for an 
additional network card); I'm pretty sure there must be a way.

thanks for any suggestion
Sergio :)
  Sergio Maffioletti

  Grid Group
  CSCS, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
  Via Cantonale
  CH-6928 Manno
  Tel: +41916108218
  Fax: +41916108282
  email: sergio.maffioletti@xxxxxxx

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