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RE: [Xen-users] xen 3.0 Test CD v1 released

> While the CD seems to boot and work fine in my thinkpad, it 
> just hangs very early at the
>       Loading stage2
>       Press any key
> stage when I try to boot it in my dual opteron Tyan k8w workstation.
> Do I perhaps fall into the
>     * The test CD might fail on some machines with SATA interfaces.
> category?

It sounds like your machine is failing at the grub stage, which we
haven't encountered before except on very old machines with dodgy
bios'es. syslinux definitely seems to work on more machines than grub,
but on a modern motherboard like yours I'm surprised there's a problem.
I don't suppose there's a bios upgrade available for your machine?


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