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Re: [Xen-users] How to get the X started on the DomU

Mark Williamson wrote:

I think xenU couldn't start Xwindows locally.  Could you try to start
vncserver and use vncviewer to remote connection?

Correct; Sanjay, you should pretend a domU is a separate physical machine and access it over the network. This means either:

* ssh -X to the domU to enable remote X windows communications
* Run vncserver in the domU
* Run Xnest in dom0 and get apps in the domU to connect to it
* Run FreeNX server in the domU

Personally, I think FreeNX is the best solution. Really.
It's much faster than VNC, and it has suspend/resume.

Suse 10 includes freenx by default. RPMs for RedHat/Fedora is also available.



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