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[Xen-users] balloon driver oops

Hello all,

I'm using xen-2.0.7.
I tried following operations.

1) create dom1 initial memory 256MB
2) balloon dom1 128
3) save /tmp/dom1
4) restore /tmp/dom1
-- It work fine.
 However, the next operation surely causes hang-up.
5) balloon dom1 256

Kernel-Oops displayed in dom1 console.
It is always pointed at balloon.c line 218,219.

Even if it is not as the above example, 
it will generate kernel-oops.
For example (512->256->save->restore->512). 

Did I perform violation operation ?

 CentOS4.2(Both dom0 and domU)
 Linux- from source as HIGHMEM4G support)


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