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[Xen-users] Resizing Freebsd mdroot domU, on a RHEL4 dom0 machine.

I've gotten freebsd 7.0 domU working using the files here:
on a rhel4 system using xen-3.0.0-7.1_rhel4.1 rpms.

but the root filesystem for freebsd is quite small:

demo# df -h | grep /
/dev/xbd1793a    496M    274M    182M    60%    /

I'm wanting to resize the mdroot filesystem, but am unsure how. I have no issues resizing ext* loopback files, but don't really know a procedure to get something like 'growfs' to work on a loopback file on freebsd.

Does anyone have any pointers/URLs?

Thanks for any help you could offer.

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