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[Xen-users] SELinux + EVMS + Xen - anyone done it?

Hi, I have seen a few posts on the list from people who were working on
this.  If anyone has succeeded can you please drop me a line with some
notes on your boot process and the initrd creation process please?

I seem to have the bits all working individually, but I can't quite
figure out how to get Xen kernel to boot up and start my EVMS stuff
under Gentoo.  At the moment I have been trying using the genkernel
(gentoo script) created initramfs and initrd (had to patch it to get
one).  Both seem to cause a kernel panic during boot.  I haven't yet
tried to use the Xen initrd, but I gather there are some issues using it
with gentoo... ?

Any assistance gratefully received


Ed W

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