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Re: [Xen-users] NetBSD-domU on debian-dom0? - RESOLVED

Hi folks,

with this config file I was able to boot into the netbsd-Install_XENU kernel:

kernel = "/boot/netbsd-INSTALL_XENU"
memory = 256
name = "NetBSD-Test"
vif=['mac=ae:00:00:78:bd:00, ip=x.x.x.x']
disk = [ 'file:/var/xentemp/i386cd-3.0.iso,cd0a,r', 'phy:/dev/LVMvg01/NetBSDTest-boot,0x301,w' ]
root = "/dev/cd0a"

As you can see, I have used the iso image of the NetBSD install cd to boot off. Why handing a Linux device number to NetBSD as a disk works, I do not know. I simply tried.

The rest works like described in http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/xen/howto.html.

Next days I will setup a complete, detailed install howto (NetBSD-domU on Linux-dom0) and post the link.

Thanks to those helping me.


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