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[Xen-users] Upgrading to Xen 3 on Fedora Core 4

  I've been struggling the past couple of days to install Zen 3 on FC4. The readme guide makes it sound simple, but I've had nothing but error after error and seem to have hit a complete dead end. Please could someone give me a guide, or tips if they have done this themselves.
  I did manage to get a kernel to compile, but it didn't have the right drivers for my RAID 10 SATA hard disk (4 disks). I looked at a working install of FC4 and it looks like it uses SCSI drivers to get it working. I then had no luck running "make ARCH=xen xconfig", so I tried copying over a .config from the FC4 kernel and that wouldn't make.
I've now resulted to installing the xen2 unstable that comes with Fedora, but this isn't what I'm after. I need something with as few bugs as possible.
Please, please, please HELP!
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