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RE: [Xen-users] AMD processors with Pacifica and Xen

>> 1) Are Pacifica AMD's going to be sold soon and will they fit
>> on this board? The announcements about Pacifica-containing
>> CPU's talk about 940-pin socketed CPU's.
> I'm not sure what sockets will be supported by SVM (formerly Pacifica)
> capable CPU's. I tried to find a publicly available roadmap that
> mentioned SVM, but none available at the AMD web-site that I could find
> in my first few attempts of googling/searching AMD site.
> I think if you use Google, you'll find quite a few sites that mention
> when we'll have new processors available, but it's not quite so easy to
> know which ones are right... ;-)

Hmmm. Difficult. Xen already supports the Intel VT extensions and it seems
that Intel VT-capable CPU's are available right now for some series. It
looks like it is a year to early to buy a new server :-(

Thanks for your comments,


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