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Re: [Xen-users] Another "how do i" question regarding networking and server consolidation...

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 18:14, Charles Spirakis wrote:
> Hello --
> I've been watching this mailing list and trying to find documentation
> to do server consolidation using xen. Specifically:
> I have:
> Machine A at ip address x.y.z.10 and Machine B at ip address x.y.z.11
> I want:
> Xen domain 0 at ip address x.y.z.50, Domain U1 at ip x.y.z.10 and
> Domain U2 at x.y.z.11 using (preferably) only one physical ethernet
> NIC (in the old days there was ip aliasing to do this) such that (as
> far as the rest of the network is concerned) they think there are
> three machines, but there is really only the one physical Xen machine
> with two guests. Is this possible with Xen and brctl?
> And if so, anyone have any suggestions? Nearly everything I've read
> assigns an ip address to the bridge and then does some form of
> nat/route/vpn/vnet to the guest domains (to make the outside world
> think there is only one machine). How do you make the outside world
> think there are multiple machines?

Just use the default bridging config xen comes with.
It makes the outside world think that there's an additional switch/hub at the 
end of your network cable, with dom0 + domU + domU + ... attached to it.

(bridge and physical eth0 run without IP adress, all domains (including dom0) 
are attached to the bridge with "virtual network cables", the vif->veth 


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