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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Xen 3.0 and Gentoo: basic network issues


The appropriate e1000 drivers are comiled into the kernel, not as modules. Also they do show up under ifconfig and lspci, and of course the drivers wouldn't show up under lsmod since I compiled them into the kernel. And RC_NET_STRICT_CHECKING is already set to "no" in my /etc/conf.d/rc file. I'm able to manipulate the ethernet ports as far as giving them IP addresses and such, it's just that when I try even just a simple connection between two computers and manually set both IP addresses, I can't make any kind of connection, as far as Xen is concerned nobody is at the other end.

I found the Howto was a bit iffy here. The howto suggests not starting /etc/init.d/net.eth0 - however, when I start /etc/init.d/xend then although the xen networking stuff comes up, no eth0 comes up... I am not clear if it was supposed to or not, but having both /etc/init.d/eth0 starting as well seems to give me eth0 back again and ability to talk to the Dom0 again... Can anyone please clarify whether xend is supposed to bring up eth0 on it's own please?

Also note that RC_NET_STRICT_CHECKING defaults to "no", but you need to set it to "lo" - re-read the previous post! The reason seems to be that otherwise xend comes up before net.lo which causes problems...

Finally, I have a Dom0 kernel running, but my DomU is failing to come up every time with random errors. Would you please be kind enough to send me (offlist) your .config files for both of your kernels? I suspect that perhaps I have some missing bit of hardware... The only other thing is that I compiled both kernels with a hardened gcc and possibly that is causing problems...

Ed W

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