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Re: [Xen-users] Open-iSCSI

On Thursday 09 February 2006 19:14, J D Freeman wrote:
> Can anyone here point me in the direction of decent documentation for
> the open iSCSI initiator? All I can find is two man pages which are
> entirely unhelpful and lots of linux news sites telling us that
> open-iscsi has merged with something.

AFAIK, the linux-iscsi project has merged with open-iscsi.
I have a working system running with two xen 3.0 boxes and open-iscsi 0.4-434  
initiators in dom0 served by an enterprise target iet 0.4.12 on a third 
debian sarge box.

Michael Mey                                  
Thinking Objects Software GmbH    |   mailto: michael.mey@xxxxxx 
Lilienthalstrasse 2/1             |   phone: +49 711 88770-147
70825 Stuttgart-Korntal, Germany  |   fax: +49 711 88770-449

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