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Re: [Xen-users] Managing multiple Dom0's

On Monday 13 February 2006 16:38, Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> Are there people currently managing multiple Dom0's and making
> significant use of migration?
> I'm loking at a potential setup of 16 or so physical systems with
> perhaps 64 or so virtual systems (DomU's I suppose Dom0 is also a
> virtual system if I understand thing correctly, but that's no twhat I
> mean here).
> It seems to me that making heavy use of migration for load balancing
> would make it difficult to know where a given DomU was running at any
> given time and make it difficult to know which DomU's if any should be
> started on boot up.
> My current test setup is running 3.0.1 on Debian Stable.  I have two
> physical systems with a shared F/C disk array using CLVM, which holds
> the vbd's for teh DomU's and a GFS filesystem shared between the two
> Dom0's .
> I'm currently considering witing a wrapper for "xm" that uses a
> database to store DomU options and last run locations, but I'm hoping
> someone aleady has somehting...
> -Jon
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Hi Jon,

there are currently a few projects around for this topic.

XenSource is planning to release the XenOptimizer in Q2 2006 AFAIK for this 
purpose, but it is a commercial product

there's an opensource project www.enomalism.com working on a solution, but 
still no beta available. 

OpenQRM / Qluster is an opensource solution which supports Xen-based domUs.
If you are planning to evaluate this, I'd appreciate your comments on it.


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