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Re: [Xen-users] Running Xen 2.0 for Counter Strike: Source

> Can you provide more actual numbers?
> With two servers running, I would not expect anything more than 60fps on
> each. Remember, you're running two (three?) full operating systems with
> two full counter strike servers.

But he does have 2 Xeons in the Xen box....   It'd be highly useful to know 
how fast they are though.


> Regards,
> Anhtony Liguori
> > Hmmmm.  Sounds like performance is degrading badly somewhere.  Have you
> > run any more basic benchmarks to determine if network / disk are
> > performing as they should?
> >
> > How have you set up the CPU allocation?  Are you pinning the servers to
> > different CPUs?  Are you using hyperthreading?
> >
> > I imagine that CS doesn't make optimal use of the network from a
> > virtualisation PoV, but I'm still a little surpised its that poor.
> >
> >> In the counter strike forums there is word about the kernel hz. They say
> >> the kernel should be configured to 1000hz. fortunately the used
> >> kernel has a standard setting of 1000hz. As you can see in the
> >> kernel source: include/i386/param.h. However current readings in cs are
> >> more like hz is set to 250!
> >
> > Nb. I think the kernel HZ value was reduced to 250 in later kernels
> > anyhow. The kernel developers seem a bit unsure of what to set it to, or
> > whether they're actually that bothered about it.
> >
> >> Can I expect this to be the same in xen 3.0?
> >
> > It's worth using Xen 3.0 in any case, since it'll get performance and bug
> > fixes that wouldn't go into 2.0.  Without understanding more of what's
> > causing your problem I can't be more specific.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Mark
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