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Re: [Xen-users] Running Xen 2.0 for Counter Strike: Source


I see what you mean, if your thougts prove to be true than vserver would
be more of an option, i would hate to leave xen the concept is very

Now that i look at my graphs again I see a very different picture!

Please check http://core.zokahn.com/cs-01/

FPS is way up! I must be going MAD....



> On Wednesday 15 February 2006 10:37, Bart van den Heuvel wrote:
>> I have recompiled the kernels, both dom0 and domU. Counterstrike comes
>> in
>> a compiled form (silly enterprises still do that :-)
>> All is wel and i got the change to compile in the bigmem option! So i'm
>> very happy there. I can now use more mem for my virtual servers... But
>> thats where the happyness stops!
>> Instead of a performance upgrade fps is now steady on 1, so the 1000 hz
>> options made the fps value go from 50 to 1 instead of a higher value.
>> I'm running like this for a few hours... Maybe more inspiration will
>> come
>> to me.
> The HZ Value sets how often timer interrups occur, so instead of
> interrupting
> work 250 times a second, you now interrupt it 1000 times.
> I guess timer interrupts in xen are more expensive than on plain linux,
> since
> they also involve the hypervisor (correct me if I'm wrong here)
> if three domains use the same cpu, xen needs to switch the running domain
> 3000
> times a second, I guess you waste a lot of cycles there.
> Another reason (wild guess) could be: the hypervisor still generates
> interrupts at 250HZ, but now the domU kernel now expects them coming at
> 1000Hz, hence the internal timing of the kernel is way off, resulting of
> the
> timing source of your CS server working only on full seconds now => 1
> frame
> per second max...
> For applications requiring short response time, a "lesser" virtualization
> method, like linux-vserver, might provide much better performance.
> /Ernst
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