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[Xen-users] Controlling Xen via scripts?

  I'm yet another one of those users who wishes to create a
 control-panel for Xen.

  Right now I've created a simple Perl wrapper for performing
 the common operations.  Basic usage is pretty good:

    #  Boot each xen instance defined in /etc/xen/*.cfg
    my $instance = Xen::Monitor->new();
    foreach my $host ( $instance->getAvailable() )
        if ( ! $host->isRunning() )

  Right now my issue is how I'm going to use this in a CGI
 environment.  At the moment I'm  running things under a
 test environment, so I can just execute:

    system( "xm ...." );

  In production I see the choices as either:

    1.  Use "sudo xm ...".
    2.  Create a simple deamon as root which accepts
       connections from the module and does the job.

  I like the seperation of the daemon from the UI, but I cant
 help thinking I'm duplicating a lot of the interface already

  Does anybody have any suggestions on this?  (So far the
 people who've mentioned writing web-guis seem focussed upon
 PHP.  Nothing against taht I just prefer Perl.)

  The code will be shared shortly, if there is any interest
 I'll post a link when it is ready for review.


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