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Re: [Xen-users] xen power management

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, sriram govindan wrote:

> hi guys,
>  I am new to xen and would like to know the power management options
> provided to the virtual machines like,
>  ?? Are the VMs allowed to manipulate processor frequency or aloowed to
> do some kind of voltage scaling. ??

[ I'm no XEN expert, but I think the answer is self evident. ]

no. Think about it. None of the VMs have any concept of how busy the CPU
is (since they can't peak at the other VMs). If this is permitted, I'm
pretty sure it would be considered a bug.

XEN (the hypervisor) could conceivably use this capacity... as _it_ knows
how fast guests voluntarily give up the CPU.


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