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[Xen-users] Dom-0 gets overloaded when running applications in DOM-U

Hello all,

Dom-0 gets overloaded whenever I run a programmer in any DOM-Us in that
server. I have been running "yum update" in a DOM-U and the server load
of DOM-0 as well as the load of that DOM-U gets up to 5 or 6. It's ok if
the load of the DOM-U goes up, But why the load of DOM-0 also goes up. I
can't do any work on DOM-0 at that time since it's deadly slow and I
have to wait till the programme on the DOM-U completes on its own or
terminate that. Is this the default behaviour of xen or Can this be fixed?

I am running xen-2.0-7 in a dual opteron with 4Gb Memory.

Any help would be appreciated.


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