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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Installing xen on VIA C3

Matthias Taube wrote:
Goetz Bock schrieb:

No. The C3 lakes the CMOV (iirc) instruction and with out a patch (that
was posted long ago on this list for 2.0.6(?)) even a recompile of xen
and the kernel will not help you

But the patch
wont do on xen 3.0.

reports that the patch is < xen 2.0.7

Its really a pitty that xen dont work on this low-power and fanless
(silent!) cpu.

Anyone know if it's the same for M10000/13000 (bigbrother of C3)?
AFAIK the missing CMOV instr. has been fixed on those cpu's. IMBW..
Further, the VIA KN400-series chipset should be a better design than previous ones. If only they had a KN400 pro based board, since the non-pro has issues with SATA-2 disks - not that SATA-2 matters on such slowish cpu's, but newer, larger disks will likely be SATA-2 mostly.

Kind regards,
Mogens Valentin

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