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Re: [Xen-users] guest kernel portability

> What guarantees are made about the interface between guest kernels and the
> hypervisor/domain0 from Xen version to version?  (domain loading,
> hypercalls, front/back device drivers, etc.)
> Does a certain minor/sub-version equality guarantee compatibility?  Are
> there instead any known version compatibilities/incompatibilities?

Since Xen 3, kernels should always run in domUs on Xens with the same, or 
higher version number to the hypervisor that kernel was built for.  Old 
interfaces will continue to remain available for compatibility, but I'm not 
sure what the policy is on when to add new interfaces.

For now, I think dom0 and Xen are meant to be "matching", i.e. built together.  
The Xen <-> dom0 interface is somewhat more fluid than the domU interface - 
and it needs to be because the functionality is still evolving.


> Sorry if this has been addressed recently, and pointers would be much
> appreciated.
> For some background, we may want to allow authorized guests to bring their
> specialized kernels with them and I'm trying to ascertain what kind of
> structure we can put around the process (this is for the Globus Workspace
> Service, where such a (signed) kernel image could be an authorized thing to
> bring with a guest image).
> Thanks,
> Tim
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