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Re: [Xen-users] SLES 9 domU for testing


>I need to do a test with SLES 9 running in a domU very quickly and
>don't have much time. Is there anybody out there having experience in
>installing SLES 9 into a domU?
probably it is mostly the same as with SuSE 10?

So create an image-file with dd, format it and mount it as loopback-device. Then you can make an "install into directory" from YaST, after finishing copy over a known passwd/users/groups to be able to login and create the fstab. To get networking running it may be a good idea to set the mac-address on a fixed value in the domU-config and set the STARTMODE="onboot" for the ethernet-if.

Everything else is standard.

>Or way better, maybe has a already running guest installation
>for download?
I don't think so, because SLES is not free, or?

Chau y hasta luego,


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