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Re:Re: [Xen-users] DomU runnirng a firewall for Dom0 and ot.

Hi there,

>I`m using a similar setup - export both netwrk interfaces to DomU and run 
>iptables on that domU (thus no direct inet access is allowed to the dom0, its 
>a good idea to have serial console in case the firewall domU fails).

I test since a couple of weeks exactly the setup as described... Everything is 
running very weel - but there's still a small problem I could not solve by now.

As I will have no serial acess when moving my server to my hosting provider I 
tried to setup a link between my firewall domU and my dom0, without any sucess 
by now.

The interal netwrok between my domU's run's great. Is there someone who can 
help me with a redundant solution for the serial console?



>On Wednesday 01 March 2006 11:55, bugone82@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi, someone knows if is it possible to run iptables rules on one DomU,
>> filtering and forwarding many services to other DomUs and Dom0?
>> I know it is possible to run rules on Dom0, but i would like to have an
>> independent firewall (DomU) filtering also what  happens on Dom0.
>> Any suggestion?
>> thanks,
>> Enrico
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