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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Http interface

Henning Sprang schrieb:

Anyway, I have a small question, regarding the Xen HTTP interface...
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information about it, around...
How is
it supposed to work? What happens now if I try to connect to it with a
is that I see a white page with two slashes on it, linking to the page
Is this the normal behaviour or am I missing something?
Any hint would be greatly appreciated!

try http://localhost:8000/xend/

I also wonder why this is nowhere documented, but it seems to be running by
default, I can't remember having turned that on. It's probably turned on with the config option
(xend-http-server yes)
in xend-config.sxp.

Would be interesting if some developer could comment on this - will this be
removed soon that it's not worth documenting? Or is it so new that it's not
yet documented? ( in the latter case I'd start a wiki page to document this,
in the former this would be waste of time, I guess)

The wiki page XenIntro reads:

"In the past,the start() method of SrvDaemon eventually started an http
socket (8000) on which it listened to http requests. Now it does not open an
http socket on port 8000 anymore."

But I see this in Xen 3.0. So I am a bit unsure if this is what you get on
the URL mentioned above, or which "past" they mean there :)


I did try turning it on via (xend-http-server yes), but I also only get one line of html. Nothing else. Nada.

So the http server is responding alright. But it doesn't deliver anything worthwile...

It doesn't even seem to speak full http yet. If you do

          telnet localhost 8000
          GET /

you get nothing.


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