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Re: [Xen-users] PCI Passthrough

Thanks Ryan, that was just the info i needed!
Got the pci passthrough working, but couldn't achieve what i was after.... I wanted to boot my machine, then pass the USB controller (plugged extra keyboard & mouse into this), graphics and sound card to the domU, so it could use them for X11 etc.... However i couldn't get X11 to start up, it kept giving me errors such as "xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open /dev/tty0" in the Xorg & gdm logs. When doing this i noticed the screen connected to the graphics in question did get the initial xen dmesg's, even though i'd configured both xen & and dom0 to use the serial port as console.

If anyone has managed to get this kind of setup working help would be much appreciated, however i think i might just have to accept i'm asking too much ;-)

Thanks in advance


Ryan wrote:
On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 04:24 +0000, Alex.Pearson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Grub config:

title Xen 3.0 / XenLinux 2.6.12
        root (hd0,0)
        kernel /xen.gz dom0_mem=131072 com1=115200,8n1
        module /vmlinuz-2.6.12-xen0 root=/dev/hda2 ro console=ttyS0, 115200

Dmsg output:

itops10:/boot/grub# dmesg | grep Unk
Unknown boot option

Non of the devices are hidden when i do a lspci
I'm assuming this is because i'm doing something wrong, if i try to start a
machine regardless then i get the following, however i assume this is
because the hosts not configured:

itops10:/boot/grub# grep pci /etc/xen/itops9
pci = ['00:02.0','00:1f.3','00:1d.2','00:1d.0']

itops10:/boot/grub# xm create itops9
Using config file "/etc/xen/itops9".
Error: Invalid pci specifier: 00:02.0

Any help would be much appreciated, i know someone on the list has got this
working, but could find any articles relating to any problems like this :-(
Am i missing some kernel modules?  Which ones, i've had a good look through
and can't find any obvious candidates


Are you compiling Xen from the xen-unstable mercurial tree or from a
release tarball? Based on the fact that you're using a 2.6.12 kernel, I
don't think the version of Xen/XenLinux that you're using has the PCI
passthrough code in it (it was added relatively recently to
xen-unstable, I think when 2.6.16-rc2 was the current version of
XenLinux). It's not in any of the Xen 3.0.x releases so far. If you're
compiling from xen-unstable, you need a changeset >= 8867.

If I'm wrong about the version of Xen/XenLinux that you're using, you
need to make sure that the pciback (CONFIG_XEN_PCIDEV_BACKEND) module is
compiled into the dom0 kernel and the pcifront
(CONFIG_XEN_PCIDEV_FRONTEND) module is compiled into the domU kernel.
They'll also happily live together in the same kernel if you use the
same kernel for your dom0 and your domU.


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