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[Xen-users] Linux and Windows virtualized on Xen3 and VT/Pasifica?

To avoid cumbersome dualboot or multiboot between Linux'es & Windows (yes, I know there is yet another way :;), I'm exited waiting on the solution to run Linux and Windows virtualized on Xen 3.x and VT/Pasifica.

Intel P4/662/672 with VT was scheduled to be available Q4-2005, and other VT enabled CPUs should come the first half of 2006, and next AMD Pasifica.

Xen 3.0 has been released, but I read that there still may be some more
work to be done, before Windows can run unmodified.

I would apreciate if someone reading this can share more current
information on this topic, possibly also with regards to capable, new "VT-enabled" workstations and laptops models?


Terje J. Hanssen

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