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Re: [Xen-users] 64-bit guest in 32-bit Xen/dom0 - ever?

> Will it ever be possible to run a 64-bit guest kernel under a 32-bit
> (PAE) Xen and domain0 ?

It seems pretty unlikely.  The guest kernel would be expecting 64-bit virtual 
addressing, 64-bit registers, etc, which just wouldn't be available on a CPU 
which wasn't in (or didn't have) 64-bit mode.

Supporting non-PAE 32bit kernels on a PAE hypervisor, and maybe supporting 
32-bit kernels on 64-bit Xen are rather more likely.  i.e. being able to run 
a guest on a hypervisor that only uses *more* features of the hardware.

The first effort in this direction may be (something like) supporting non-PAE 
guests on a PAE hypervisor.


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