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[Xen-users] SMBFS appears to be crashing my htdig domU


Firstly, Xen is an amazing product. Very impressed.

We have a Xen 3.0 host running quite a number of DomU's, around 5-6. One
of them is running htdig with a custom compiled kernel with inbuilt
smbfs support. I'm using htdig to dig pages that are smbmounted and also
symlinked from apache (fall back, dig treats some local documents
differently due to not being able to recognise mime-types). It also digs
some stuff over SSL.

This setup was working perfectly on a normal ubuntu setup but ever since
moving it to Xen we have had problems where it either completely
crashes, or it still listed by xen as running. Sometimes you are able to
get in and there is a stream of smbfs errors.

My question is, is there some way I can turn up debugging and find out
why this Xen host is crashing? Has anyone else ran into similar
problems? What could cause a Xen host to still be using CPU, yet not be
network accessible (network host unreachable) and not give console
access? Restarting xend is the only thing that seems to fix it in this case.

Joel Heenan

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