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Re: [Xen-users] Kernel and Xen

Mark Turner wrote:

Hi Mats,

On 2 Mar 2006, at 16:12, Petersson, Mats wrote:
There are patches for other kernel sources, but you'd have to look up
which ones are in which changeset. I think 2.6.15 is in 3.0.1 - but I
could have that wrong.

That's not correct, unfortunately. 3.0.1 is still

Xen-supplied linux is probably the easiest solution.

I think I've come to that conclusion too.

I have Mercurial installed and ready to point at the appropriate repository, though I'm not sure which one to use.

I'd like to use 3.0.1 but the wiki (http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/ XenDownloads) appears to only give .hg links for 2.0-testing, 2.0.6 and unstable. I've also found 3.0-testing (http:// xenbits.xensource.com/xen-3.0-testing.hg), but that was last changed 4 days ago so obviously isn't the same as 3.0.1.

Is there a .hg link for 3.0.1 somewhere?

Repositories are listed here:
(www.xensource.com -> Xen Community -> Downloads -> Mercurial Repository)

xen-3.0-testing.hg is the "stable" tree, from which 3.0.1 was release. It includes 3.0.1 + a few bug-fix patches. This is linux, with xen still as complete arch -- i.e. for your own kernel configuration you must do "make ARCH=xen menuconfig" etc.

xen-unstable.hg is the development tree. This will be 3.0.2. It has linux 2.6.16rcX with the new subarch layout, i.e. the "make menuconfig" will let you choose to build a Xen compatible kernel.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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