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Re:[Xen-users] domU security

Hi William,

there's a quite simple solution - buy your own hardware and to avoid other 
people beeing able to read any data from your machine - keep it offline ;-)

Don't you think your concerns are quite paranoid? Just think how any virtual 
server / webspace is maintained. How do you think shall the provider help you 
with your product if he can't access your data? Don't you think Google is able 
to read this mail? 

However - you have to trust your provider - or find solutions that fit your 
security needs.



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>When one rents a domU, what are some of the security concerns to  
>have? I haven't used Xen at all, but am considering to purchase a domU.
>I guess the administrator of the xen server (dom0) can read all  
>information (hard drive) on all domUs, is this correct? What would be  
>some countermeasures? Lets say I don't want them reading the emails  
>in my mail server.
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