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Re: [Xen-users] xen on amd64 or intel


amd announced their "vanderpool" like technology called "pacifica" or "iommu" to be available in all their newly released processors from this month on (see amd press releases). amd's tech has some potential advantages right now because the mmu is located within the cpu and so supports some advanced tricks very handy for vitualization(nested page tables etc.). on the other hand some reports say if you want to have more virtual machines than actual processor cores intel's hyperthreading is the way to go. intel also wants to release virtualization optimized chipsets (i.e. northbridges that do the same tricks as amd's mmu).

On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 21:02:41 +0100, Erik Tews <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


We would like to buy a new server-hardware for a xen-server. We are
going to run linux as dom0 and domU. The whole server will have 4 GB of
main memory. Do you got any suggestions if it is better to buy an
opteron (amd64) cpu, or an intel (ia32) cpu? A opteron is much better,
if you need more than 2 gb in the userspace, but intel has
virtualization build into hardware.

We currently tend to buy and amd64, has somebody an amd64 system
running, with i386 and amd64 domU systems mixed, or does know if it is
possible and/or stable? Is an intel cpu much faster when using
vanderpool, then an amd64 running in 32 bit mode without any special
hardware support?

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