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[Xen-users] Hardware requirements to run Windows on Xen


Apologies if this has been asked before.

I've never used Xen before and I'd like to buy a new machine to try it on. I'd like to run Windows and Linux on it.

I've read online that I'll need either an Intel VT-x or AMD Pacifica chip to be able to run Windows on a Xen server. As far as I know, Pacifica chips aren't on the market yet, but VT-x chips are in the form of the Pentium-D 9xx CPUs.

My question is this: if I buy a Pentium-D 9xx system, how I can tell whether the motherboard/BIOS support hardware virtualization such that I can install and run Windows on Xen?

Is there anything else I need to look out for when buying a system for Xen?


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