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[Xen-users] Orphaned logfiles?

  I've noticed that over time my Xen host(s) appear to accumulate
 several logfiles in /tmp, for example:


  Doing a quick grep I see that these files are opened in the
 XenLogging.py script:

        logfilename = tempfile.mkstemp("-xend.log")[1]
        fileHandler = openFileHandler(logfilename)

  The 'tempfile.mkstemp' line appears to be responsible for the
 generation of the filename, although I admit my python-fu is

  Is there a way to turn these (empty) logfiles off?  I've seen
 that the default setup is to log with DEBUG level in
 /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp - and I assume this is responsible for
 the logging invocations.

# Commented out entries show the default for that entry, unless otherwise
# specified.
#(logfile /var/log/xend.log)
#(loglevel DEBUG)

  However I'm not sure what I should set for no logs.  Any
 pointers welcome whilst I trace through the code.


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