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Re: [xen-users] Swap not mounting! (solved for my part)

Henrik Holmboe <henrik@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>"Uros Trebec" <uros.trebec@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>I just discovered that none of my VMs does not mount the swap drive!
>>The VM just does not "see" the /dev/sda2 as a block device.
>Verify that you have udev and hotplug installed.

Sorry for sending a misleading Subject in the last email.

[As I was writing a long and detailed problem report I suddenly
realized that the hotplug system was the culprit, and short thereafter
solved the problem (when using Debian). And I accidently didn't change
back the subject, which I changed in the first place to signify a
concurring problem report.]

Henrik Holmboe, Stockholm, Sweden

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