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Re: [Xen-users] xen support only up to 3 virtual interfaces?

On Thu, Mar 16 '06 at 09:02, Henrik Holmboe wrote:
> >On Sun, Mar 05 '06 at 17:32, Konstantinos Pachopoulos wrote:
> >> does xen support only up to 3 virtual interfaces per
> >> unprivileged domain?
> >For xen3 the answer is yes.
> >IIRC xen2 supported more than three interfaces.
> Just out of curiousity, is there an outspoken reason for limiting to 3
> interfaces?

Yes, the correct explination is in the archive somewhere. 

But IIRC three was the max. nr. of interfaces to have the the required 
ringbuffers fit in one $simple_manageable_chunk_of_memmory (a page??).

The person who explained this also wrote a patch to expand the number
of interfaces. But it was never added to the source try as you would
loos performence.
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