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Re: [Xen-users] XEN vs GSX Server

Lucas de Souza Santos wrote:

Has anyone compared XEN against (vmware) GSX Server?

My boss wants to use GSX server because he said that it's more stable
and has a good administration interface.

I don't want to use GSX server but I need a very good argument to
convince him.

i've tryed both of them, and sorry yes Xen doesnt look stable for me ...
my expirience with Xen 3

        +performance improvemnt
        +handling dom0 Bridge and VMs
        -memory consuming task (Java,..) are crashing not only the
          unprivileged Dom
my expirience with GSX 3

        +VMs are portable between even different HostSystems (Win, Lin)
        +VMs dont crash HostSystem
        -performance not as gppd as im Xen
        -GuestSystem time sometimes steps much slower than real time
          (problem on timebased applications ...)

there's no killer Argument for Xen and non for GSX. Both do sometimes let you know that you dont have a real machine.

If i should argument for one of them i would ask my boss if he wants someone to blame if something goes wrong and improvements by droping in cash, or maybe no real person to blame but improvments an more people to ask than VMWare can ever have.

the Administration Interface is not a point your boss can hook on, cause you just need to deploy a webinterface which triggers your Xen commands and theres no need to deploy a Software Package like with VMWare. If he just doesnt want a commandline Interface he just needs some WebDesigner to wrap Pictures and many JavaScript and many .... around it ;)

Greetz mIke



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