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[Xen-users] para- and full-virtualization on same system?

Can I consolidate all my servers to one machine - here are my current machines:
  1. OpenBSD (used for external services: dns, http, smtp)
  2. OpenBSD (used for internal services: dns, http, smtp, imap, ldap, smb, nfs, svn, bugzilla)
  3. OpenSBD (used for upgrading either of the above servers without any downtime)
  4. OpenBSD (used as a build/test machine)
  5. FreeBSD (used as a build/test machine)
  6. NetBSD (used as a build/test machine)
  7. RedHat (used as a build/test machine)
  8. CentOS (used as a build/test machine)
  9. SuSE (used as a build/test machine)
  10. Solaris (used as a build/test machine)
  11. Windows (used as a build/test machine)
  12. MacOS X (used as a build/test machine)
  • The OpenBSD-based servers are RAID-ed
  • There are actually more machines as I run multiple releases of each build/test OS...

If it can't be done on one machine, than would either of these 2-machine solutions work:
  1. Partition machines by server vs. build/test
    • one machine has:  1-3 (all para-virtualized)
    • other machine has:  4-12 (5/9 para-virtualized)
  2. Partition machines by para- vs. full-virtualization
    • one machine has: 1-4 and 10-12 (all full-virtualized) [would GSX be better?]
    • other machine has: 5-9 (all para-virtualized)

What would you do?


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