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RE: [Xen-users] state of ia64 and/or Altix?

>From: Tim Freeman
>Sent: 2006年3月18日 3:34
>What is the current state of Xen ia64 on SGI Altix?  I see some Altix
>from sgi.com, I assume this means it is tested.  Is it stable?  Are there
>appropriate mailing lists or documentation to query?

Hi, Tim,
        Long time ago, there're some patches from SGI guys (Greg 
Edwards, I think) related to some sn2 specific setup issue, like console, 
acpi, etc. But I'm not sure whether xen/ia64 worked on Altix box that time, 
and neither for now. Maybe SGI people can say something? Simply in my 
mind, SGI boxes have some more complex requirement, like big memory 
holes (thus vmemmap), NUMA support, platform timer, etc. which 
however all seems to be addressed/developed for xen/ia64 in the near 

        BTW, if you have any ia64 specific questions, xen-ia64-devel mailing 
list on the CC list is the place you may want to go.


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