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Re: [Xen-users] VMWare ESX on Xen (maybe OT)

  I will want to try VMWare ESX to test new features but I do not have a
server that meets the ESX requeriments ... but is it possible to run ESX
under Xen (maybe a silly question)?

most 'userspace' virtualization systems (Qemu, UML, and i guess VMWare) have a kernel module that gives the userspace application some access to protected features of the CPU. usually the very same features that a 'xenified' kernel have to avoid.

IOW, those systems would have to be Xen-aware to run under Xen, just like the linux kernel have to be modified. (that's the "para" in "paravirtualization")

Oh yeah, I kinda assumed the original poster was running on VMX hardware - but if you're not, you can't run unmodified operating systems (like VMware ESX) at all, sorry.

QEmu in non-accelerated mode will emulate a whole machine entirely in userspace, so that might be worth trying. Again, I'm not sure ESX will actually support the hardware QEmu provides but it might be worth a shot. It's likely to be quite slow, though ;-)


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