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Re: [Xen-users] help: ports of windows

>    I want to use windows xp in xen vitual machine, but I find nothing
> about that except the name of Intel Virtualization Technology.

You need hardware from Intel that supports VMX, or hardware from AMD that 
supports SVM.  Intel's is already available through some channels but not 
widely shipped.  AMD's is due for release later this year.

With that, Xen can provide the illusion of a whole machine, avoiding the need 
to port Windows to it.  The original Xen-aware Windows port ran on unmodified 
hardware but can't be distributed due to licensing reasons (also, I believe 
it wasn't feature complete).


>    Is there anyone knows the howto, please help me, thank you:) I will
> apreciate it, thanks very much!
> Phinux Chang

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