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Re: [Xen-users] Dom0 vif's and veth's

jason wrote:
> No dice. I tried adding it as an extra statement in my conf file
> extra="loopback.nloopbacks=0"
> without any luck.   I also tried adding it to the kernel
> statement, but that of course bombed out with a "kernel not
> found" Am I perhaps putting it in the wrong place?  BTW, this is a
> priviledged domain that is being run from dom0 and not my root
> dom0. I haven't tried it on that one because downtime=bad.

Well, you want to change this for dom0 so it should be passed to dom0
kernel command line in Grub's menu.lst.  Again, I haven't tried that
myself so you may want to test it on non-production machine.


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