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Re: [Xen-users] VMWare ESX on Xen (maybe OT)


100% OT, but ESX3, which is now public beta, supports iscsi rather well. 
It also supports NFS.

And yes, they integrated a TCP stack and the iscsi SW initiator and NFS 
stuff all into the VMkernel.

Check out www.vmware.com for more about ESX or mail me off-list.

Enough of this OT, please.


On Wed, 22 Mar 2006, Steven Anderson wrote:

> I have attempted to get VMWare ESX running under Qemu/Xen/KQEMU without 
> success. If Qemu supported SCSI hardware it would present a working 
> option...but it does not and the VM's are based on SCSI hard drives.
>  The cheapest hardware that it will run on is somthing like a compaq proliant 
> 1600. Which is what I currently have for VMWare ESX...I have 3 VM's running 
> (all linux) Windows is more of a memory hog and this error of computer only 
> supported 1 gig of memory which isnt enough to get but a single windows VM 
> running. You might want to look at PIV servers that supported 3-4 gig of ram 
> but they are more expensive for sure. You also need a storage area network 
> for VM migration with VMotion product since it does not support ISCSI in its 
> current incarnation. They say ISCSI support will be available in the next ESX 
> version but ISCSI would require integration of a whole TCP/IP stack into 
> VMKernel which is a stability headache at best so I wouldnt doubt it if it 
> ISCSI didnt actually make it into the next version.
>  Regards,
>  hikenboot
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