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[Xen-users] User-time vs system-time in DomU

Dear list,
I have a question about Xen performance that I did not find answered anywhere. I am using /usr/bin/time tool to track the performance of my application, which reports on user time, sys time, real time as well as CPU %. I noticed that my application finishes in almost the same real time for DomU as in native kernel. However, I got almost double the user time, sys time and the cpu%.

It is important to me to understand why the time is doubled. What does user time, Real time and sys time refer to in DomU?
Thank you for your reply in advance,
Lamia Youseff

55.07usr 3.03sys 2:07.94real 45%CPU

37.30usr 1.30sys 2:06.95real 30%CPU

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